Akuu Company is the giant of agency for providing commitments of mostly illicit affirms and one of the five grand organisations in the inner society. It provides several sorts of supreme specialists of combat, murder, assassination, malediction, exorcism, evacuation and convoy. Most of them who specialise in combat are partially-machined or own excessively strong bodies. Therefore, their superior strengths overwhelm ordinary person. The Company sends suitable members for offer and gains reward of success. It is ruthlessly and just up to money concerning to any crimes for troubleshooting. Some politicians and syndicates often concern to Akuu Company. The all crews of Akuu Company had committed murders. The rules of company forbid murdering without duties. Therefore some of them gets frustrated for lacking of murders. Zena Hoshigami had held parties which show battles of crews who were invited for revenge of their killed relatives, friends or sweethearts by else crews and who killed them chosen by Zena for satisfying crews. Zena considered the brutal parties for well-being of crews.