Benika Juzawa is a top troubleshooter and a mother of a son. She is skilled at treatment of artillery. She had rescued Shinkuro who was involved to the international coincident kidnaps and troubleshooted it. Therefore, Shinkuro pursued to become a troubleshooter.

Personality Edit

She had been an employee of Kuhoin clan for its security and then she met Murasaki's biological mother Aoki. Aoki is peer to Benika's intimate pal since the meeting. And Renjo Kuhoin also met her then, but not details unknown. Yamie is her old acquaintance and when she faces each other, they always exchange swearing. She didn't know parental class inspection until Shinkuro noticed it. She owns a jet-black, streamlined and tailored car. When she gets on it, police's white motorcycles couldn't even overtake her.

Plot Edit

In "Ugly Festival (Shuuakusai)", she was allegedly assaulted and killed by Zena Hoshigami but in "Aftermath of Festival", she was found alive. And she has been completely cured from the injury. The reason which she was overtaken by Zena is that she was sucker-punched at which she hustled for her son's illness. She immediately went for caring her son for his injury and took leaves after son's raise therefore, she was considered dead.

Anime Edit

She owns an yellow Maserati Quattroporte. She affirms that "my instinct decides everything" and she mostly accepted Shinkuro's decisions by her instinct, even if the decision is illogical. Her personality has maternity which is not just similar to a boss. In battle of Kuhoin, she struggled Ryuji and Lin because they thoroughly know her means of fighting. She had disciplined ryuji in childhood, therefore he is her disciple. And she had instructed Shinkuro her means of fighting. She is registered in Shinkuro's mobile by the name in which he criticises her. Not much like novel, she doesn't seem to be omnipotently strong.