Ginko Murakami is a sixteen-year-old pupil of Seiryo High School. Shinkuro is her intimate pal since kindergarten.

Personality Edit

She is dishonest and gallantly. She is a granddaughter of Ginji Murakami, a famous dispatch dealer in inner society, and undertakes his practice as managing dispatch dealing. Her deposit already seems to reach 8-digit. She is not good at athletics at all, therefore she cannot provide self-defence means. She only treats dispatches inherited by the grandfather on Internet. She attends school as the first one in her classmates and eats breakfast in classroom. When Shinkuro attends, Shinkuro buys her a breakfast. She likes snack buns. She superficially behaves taciturn and always uses a laptop alone and Shinkuro seems to be her only friend. Though she is actually careful, thoughtful and furtively beautiful genius. But Shinkuro only knows her true persona because of her habitual behaviour. She hates Benika Juzawa and Hozuki clan, especially Yuno. But she behaves gently to Murasaki because Murasaki is infant, therefore she is intimate to Murasaki in Murasaki's class inspection. In childhood, she dreamed to marry Shinkuro and undertake Fumitei, the ramen restaurant run by parents. After Shinkuro serves as troubleshooter, she supports him as dispatch dealer. But she strongly withstands him to practise troubleshooting, and she still disapproves of it. Therefore, when he is distressed on troubleshooting, she endorses him to resign troubleshooting and serve to Fumitei. Her support is served as her duty hence, she severely imparts Shinkuro but actually, treats him earnestly. She is the most lean in her classmates and she disapproves of her own poor figure. Although she tends to increase amount of meals, she never gets fleshy at all. She is affected to Shinkuro, but less willing to him than Murasaki and Yuno. But when Shinkuto says "I love you." to her, she replies "Me too." to him, not such as their habitual intercourse. She is the only who knows Shinkuro's background, and she is really sincere to Shinkuro. She sarcastically scoffs Shinkuro in which he is yearned by Murasaki. She husbands a mug which is given by Shinkuro. In manga, her affecntion to Shinkuro is more vivid than novel.