Omotegosanke is the three clans which own supreme sovereignty and top the front hierarchy of Japan. They de facto governs Japan with their fortunes, prestige and sovereignty. Most of Japanese people know them because they are famous families and financial conglomerates. They account themselves as "clarified stream" and contempt Urajuusanke as "dirty stream". Therefore, they forbid contact with Urajuusanke.

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Kuhoin Edit

The great conglomerate whose prominence in the three clans and Renjo Kuhoin as the patriarch. Their fortunes seem to deserve some percent of the world fortunes and they own a private Army called "Royal Guard" for their convoy. The Royal Guard is allowed to equip artillery and its ordnance deserves the Japan Defense Force. Even though, the headquarters of the Royal Guard doesn't equip for their thought that "True strongmen are unnecessary to equip missiles." Their fashion looks western style in novel. But in anime, their fashion looks Japanese style.Because of the director Kou Matsuo's thought that "Considered from their several relative marriages, Kuhoin clan would cling to Japanese traditions.". Kuhoin can only gain biological children by incests because of several times done and harmed their reproductions. And Kuhoin's women are permanently locked up in Okunoin, the secluded retreat for only incubating children in order to mask the awful facts.

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