Yuno Hozuki is a seventeen-year-old pupil of second year of Seiryo Highschool. She is a granddaughter of Hozuki's patriarch and a forthcoming successor of Hozuki.

Personality Edit

She is considered as a sister by Shinkuro who apprenticed to Hozuki clan. She is beautiful, intelligent and bright therefore, very popular in high school. She doesn't own mobile phone. A male pupil of Seiryo considers her that "Yamato Nadeshiko means Yuno Hozuki in reference of dictionary.". But, any others without Shinkuro are out of her attention and she is never affected by her circumference. She adores Shinkuro as a man and willingly attempts to drag him into betrothal and belonging to Hozuki Clan. Though, her attempts incline to fizzle hence Shinkuro's dull interest. She looks gentle, but she is actually obstinate, vehemently stubborn and earnest. Therefore, she occasionally seems militant. Shinkuro is very popular by surrounding women because he is decorous, gentle and active. And Yuno is embarrassed by Shinkuro's popularity. She naturally shows revulsion to women whose affection to Shinkuro, and struggles to attract him by diction and behaviour for repelling from others. She is jealous, and frustrated by which Shinkuro intimately treats woman. She has strong credulity in which Shinkuro imparts especially women and inclines to misunderstand. She miscellaneously instructs Shinkuro since childhood to treat women and repeatedly taught him the guidance that "Anyway, look for older wife even if wearing golden shoes.". She strongly withstands that Shinkuro will leave Hozuki's clan and become self-support and she still hopes the return of Shinkuro. When Shinkuro was a sponger of Hozuki clan, she attended to his class inspections. She hates Murasaki Kuhoin, Ginko Murakami and Benika Juzawa because they are too close to Shinkuro. She practises shrine maiden of Housen's acquaintance. In manga, she strongly detents Shinkuro who tries to go after Murasaki taken by Ryuji for avoiding clash between Shinkuro and Kuhoin, but it causes her to duel with Tamaki who is willing to allow his arrival.

Ability Edit

She is also considered as another master by Shinkuro, and she still sometimes wrangle him and stronger than Shinkuro. She is also able to become Senki because the ones whom are of Hozuki's main strain congenitally own horns. In Princess of Yugamisora, it is the first time to transform into Senki and she has two horns which are more lean than Shinkuro's in both arms. And claps pile of block of flat within making great quake. According to fanbook, When she becomes Senki, she is occasionally stronger than Zena Hoshigami. Her personality tends to recognise anyone who confronts against Shinkuro as enemy and thoroughly shatter them. She is ranked at First-Class Senki of Hozuki Style A1.

Anime Edit

She is unconsciously tone-deaf, and imposes Shinkuro a little peculiar presents and considered as quite miserable girl by Tamaki. She has a drag to be born in assassin's family and contrarily behaves cheerful as the kickback. She has a mobile phone and not similar to novel version. In second drama cd, she furtively tries to use Ginko's misrepresentation which imparts Shinkuro.